Status Transportation Reviews

Rating of Average of 4.33

Great company to work for! I have been working with Status for almost 5 years and it's been a wonderful experience. Dispatchers work with you as a team and fight for better paid loads. The office is always helpful and ready to answer your questions. They let you take time off when needed and don't pressure you to get back on the road. Fast weekly settlements, even help you renewing tags and with any paperwork needed. I recommend Status Transportation to anyone willing to work and make money.

Joestin Ortiz

horrible driver in dallas tx on march 30th 2017 almost had a pileup because this dude missed his exit and just stoped completely in the middle of the highway not slow down STOPPED video here

james bradley

Good company, recommend


Plenty of work, pay is on time. This is all I care about.


Good company, trustworthy to work for. I recommend them.


I started working at Status Transportation back in 2012 and I'm not planning on going anywhere else. I am very happy with the company, I have tried other places but at Status I know I can make money, I am happy here. If you want to work and make money, if you are willing to work hard this is the place to do that.


Does booking your own loads mean more money for you as an owner operator?

Status Transportation - Booking your own loadsBig corporation trucking companies use the phrases booking your own loads, setting your own routes, and scheduling your week ahead as selling points for more freedom.  Advertisement like this sounds and looks great but does it mean more money for you as an owner operator?

This has been a good company. I am really satisfied with Status Transportation.

Status was my best fit when I was looking for a company to get loads for me after I checked out a couple of places.

Rate Per Mile vs Gross Income

Status Transportation Owner Operator Pay

Now that you made the leap and became an owner operator you need to broaden your perspective and adopt a strategy that will help you to maximize your revenue, and gross income is that strategy.

Anybody can pick and find bad things about a good company but these guys are pretty good.

Status Transportation is a very good company, they make sure to keep you running.  I recommend it!