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They do what they say at Status Transportation
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Status Transportation is the best fit

Loads from Status Keep me Moving

Status Transportation Owner Operator Mel

My name is Mel, I’ve been driving for about 7 years and I have been driving with Status since 2012.  I am still here because I am making money, I am happy and if you are willing to work hard this is the place to be in.

I have  a very good dispatcher, they are very good and I keep saying that if you are willing to work hard these dispatchers will find you the loads.  At Status they know where they are going, they know where the good loads are, they know where the good loads are going to be again to take you out of an area so you are always moving.  Looking for loads for yourself takes a lot of time and study, and by the time you go through all the information the loads are gone.  At Status they know their job, they work with brokers and they help you a lot that is why you are moving all the time, and if you are moving all the time you make money.

There is a lot of other things, they take care of your IFTA, other paperwork, and if you have any issues with logs they’ll help you to correct it.  It’s a lot of help, the driver does not have to deal with all that.  Status is there to help you.  If you are successful Status is successful so that is why they concentrate on drivers to make money, and that is very important.

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