Rate per mile vs Gross pay
Rate Per Mile vs Gross Income
Owner Operator Vance
They do what they say at Status Transportation

My Dispatcher Is really close to me we work together

Status Transportation Owner Operator Marcus A

Hi, my name is Marcus A. I have been with Status Transportation for about 3 years now. My experience working with Status has been exciting, it has been all good, I actually feel like I’m home working for a company that they make me feel they really care about me. So it has been all good for me so far.
My dispatchers are really close to me, I’m really close to them. It gets tough out here sometimes waiting on loads but we always try to work with each other to make sure we can utilize the truck the best we can. With any trucking job you know there is going to be a little waiting, but with my dispatchers, if I have a bad week they always try to make sure the week has a good ending. The dispatchers are awesome.
I tell everybody about Status all the time, I told one of my friends that this is the company I would recommend to anybody. I really do and I am proud to say that because they have done a lot for me and we have been working together for the last 3 years and like I said it’s all been good. Yeah, I would recommend them to everyone.

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