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Status Transportation is the best fit
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Status Transportation is a very good company, they keep you running

Status Transportation is a pretty good outfit!!!

Status Transportation is a pretty good company and I recommend it!!!

My name is Richard I started with Status Transportation in 2014 its a pretty good company.  Anybody can pick and find bad things about a good company but these guys are pretty good, they are here for you.  I am pulling nice trailers, I get my settlements through direct deposit in my bank every Monday.  I run all over the United States, where I want to run.  They don’t force you to run where you don’t want to.  It’s a pretty good outfit.

They’ve got their own shop here, they work on your truck, cut rates–not like a regular shop.  It’s a pretty good outfit, I recommend it for you.

My dispatcher’s name is Juan, he is a pretty good guy.  They don’t push you to run where you don’t want to run, they don’t force you into like going to the northeast.  I don’t like to run up there just because of the high tolls.  Everything is pretty good.

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