Status Transportation Owner Operator Mel
Loads from Status Keep me Moving
Status Transportation is a pretty good company and I recommend it!!!
Status Transportation is a pretty good outfit!!!

Status Transportation is the best fit

Status Transportation Owner Operator Eric

Hello, my name is Eric Butler I’m with Status Transportation, I have been working with Status Transportation for about a year.

 I got into the business about five years ago, I started with two different companies until I saved enough money to purchase my own truck. Once I purchase my own truck I was looking for an independent trucking company that would get loads for me. I checked Landstar and a couple of other places, and Status was my best fit to give a shot.  So, I came over here and almost a year-and-a-half into it no complaints.  They keep me you keep me running.  

Any issues that I have I have on my truck they sit down and work with me. My dispatcher is Kosta and if they change him I’ll cut their necks off.  Kosta has been great with me I mean anywhere that I want to go he tries his best to get me there. He will let me know what areas are not having good rates and what areas are the best rates.  I don’t go to New York, I don’t go out west and he makes sure he doesn’t try to post me up for those areas.  My dispatcher, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

If you want to get into the industry and get your own truck Status is place to be.

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