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The best owner operator trucking companies usually have their drivers run around 100k miles per year. Even with all that running, owner operator truck drivers account for fewer accidents than other trucking sectors. It is very important to stay safe and alert while out on the road.

The Status Transportation safety and compliance department makes sure owner operators follow rules and regulations, but drivers can do their share to stay safe by sticking to these pointers:

Comply with speed limits

owner operator truck driversIt’s named a speed limitation, not actually a goal. The freeway company establishes speed limitations to try to keep you and other motorists safe. It is the obligation of transport specialists to follow speed limitations and regard other motorists. A packed tractor-trailer tipping the scales at 80,000 pounds taking a trip at 65 miles per hour needs more than 525 feet to come to a full stop. As you already know many drivers out there don’t know this and cut in front of truckers, not knowing they need a huge distance to stop. It is up to you to prevent these types of accidents by driving under the speed limit.

So remain within the speed limits and always try to anticipate the unexpected from other motorists around you.

Driving in bad weather

Roadways end up being a lot more unsafe when snowing. Take additional safety measures throughout the Winter and use your best judgment. Maintain your truck in top-notch shape and keep your distance, however the very best suggestion we can give is to decrease your speed. Check weather conditions when accepting a load and factor that into your delivery time. Don’t take unnecessary risks and be realistic with delivery time expectations.

Watch out for black ice under freezing temperature levels. Look out for frosted bridges, roadways, and underpasses.

Regardless of how skilled you are, be ready to adjust to the bad weather. Slowing down lets you respond on time in case you need to stomp on your brakes. Keep a safe range at all times, specifically when it’s drizzling or snowing.

Distraction-free driving

Owner operator trucking requires continuous phone and internet interaction, but that’s not an excuse for being distracted while driving. The FMCSA forbids commercial drivers from texting, e-mail, messaging or accessing the Internet while operating a vehicle. Mishaps can take place in a flash and owner operator jobs require the truck driver’s complete focus.

So how are you expected to use a smartphone and also follow the law you ask? You can utilize an earpiece, the speakerphone function, or utilize voice-activated directions to address or end up calls. These types of citations can run up to $3,000. At that cost, checking Facebook updates or texting can wait.

Blind zones

owner operator truck driversOne way of minimizing blind areas is to put folding side mirrors both on the guest and motorist side. Side mirrors will permit you to observe other motorists and prevent “squeeze play” accidents. Setting multiple mirrors around your truck is helpful they will not be helpful unless you actually use them.

Since 1991 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has actually been promoting a project to inform highway users on truck blind spots. Truckers have been posting signs on the side of trailers showing drivers when they are in a trucker’s blind spot. As an owner operator truck driver, it’s up to you to watch out for people who don’t understand this concept.

Appropriate sleep

As an owner operator, you need to plan your trip considering your downtime. Appropriate rest helps to remain alerted and prevent mistakes while behind the wheel. Often a 20-minute snooze will assist you to remain revitalized. There’s an ancient saying that states “When walking, walk. When eating, eat” this suggests you ought to concentrate on doing one thing at a time. So if it’s time to sleep, eliminate any interruptions and attempt to get a good sleep.

The Status Transportation team appreciates owner operator trucking drivers and values them not just as truckers but also as friends. We want you to be safe, so please look after yourself and other drivers.

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