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Don’t make the same mistake I made, don’t go to STAUS and please don’t get lease purchase a trailer from them, you’ll regret it. They are thieves and scammers, now I’m hiring an attorney to settle unresolved matters

Perfecto Perez

If you want to get robbed go to work for STATUS, they keep your FSC and your detention pay , everything is double brokered, brokers take their cut , then STATUS takes their cur then they give you what’s left and hit you for 15% of that, what they do should be constituted as stealing and reported to the IRS and BBB

Perfecto Perez

We specialise in direct freight and bulky items transport services for businesses and individuals. Our mission is to provide the most hassle free bulky items courier service within and between all the major cities and overseas. We pride ourselves on our "no fuss" approach to freight. Tell us what you need moved, where it's going to and when you need it delivered by. For courier deliveries within all the major capital cities, we can typically provide our customers with freight quotes within 15 minutes of receiving the request.

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we were trying to get on the freeway and your truck would not let us on when he did he started to come into our land and run us off the road. the truck number is 3175 this man is not fit to be on the road with other cars.


Love working with Nicole and Angelica! They always provide driver info and updates making my life super easy! Wish i could use them on all my loads


I am a broker at Coyote Logistics and I work with multiple dispatchers at Status and absolutely love working with them. Not only are they honest but they are very easy to work with and understand how the business works. All of the dispatchers have multiple communication options and they are very timely to get back to me with anything I need. I strongly suggest working with this company!

Melissa Guernsey

Status Trucking Reviews meets with Owner Operator Adrian L. to discuss his favorite apps

Status Trucking Reviews offers us a chance to interact with Owner Operators and find out some of the things that are working for them. Adrian is an Owner Operator here at Status Transportation. Today he gave us a nice overview of some of his favorite apps that he uses while out on the road.

Does booking your own loads mean more money for you as an owner operator?

Status Transportation - Booking your own loadsBig corporation trucking companies use the phrases booking your own loads, setting your own routes, and scheduling your week ahead as selling points for more freedom.  Advertisement like this sounds and looks great but does it mean more money for you as an owner operator?

This has been a good company. I am really satisfied with Status Transportation.

Status was my best fit when I was looking for a company to get loads for me after I checked out a couple of places.

Rate Per Mile vs Gross Income

Status Transportation Owner Operator Pay

Now that you made the leap and became an owner operator you need to broaden your perspective and adopt a strategy that will help you to maximize your revenue, and gross income is that strategy.

Anybody can pick and find bad things about a good company but these guys are pretty good.

Status Transportation is a very good company, they make sure to keep you running.  I recommend it!