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Status Transportation Reviews: Adrian L.

Status Trucking Reviews meets with Owner Operator Adrian L. to discuss his favorite apps

Status Trucking Reviews offers us a chance to interact with Owner Operators and find out some of the things that are working for them. Adrian is an Owner Operator here at Status Transportation. Today he gave us a nice overview of some of his favorite apps that he uses while out on the road. He also gave us a bit of his backstory and what got him into trucking. We thought we’d share this info with owner operators out there that may not know about these tools.

Trucker Path

Adrian: My favorite app when it comes to trucking is Trucker Path Honestly, it’s one of the best apps out there. Before I used to drive out there with just my GPS and some trip planning. But you never know when your next rest area or truck stop comes up. So when I got Truckers Path it’s been great for me so far. You can see fuel prices, rest areas, truck stops and how far you are from these points of interest. You can also check available parking and read reviews. Check out this video walkthrough for more info on how to use the app:

Weigh My Truck

The other app that Adrian uses is Weigh My Truck. He uses it at all Cat Scales.

Adrian: The first time you open the app you’ll need to register and log in. Once you get to the CAT Scale you’ll see the truck stop number which is right next to the call button. Type that number into the app, and you pay right through the app. That way you don’t need to go inside. You can weigh your truck and it sends you the weight to the same app, so you can see how much your trucks weights. Then if you want to reweigh, you can go back again and put reweigh and it charges you the reweigh price on it. That way it’s easier – you don’t have to walk inside the truck stop, waste time, or park at the truck at the fuel station. It will save you a lot of hassle – really helpful app.

What got you into Trucking?

Adrian: So what got me into this was my father – he’s a truck driver. He’s been driving for about 15 years or so, I would say. And then I have an uncle too [also a trucker] he’s from Tampa, Florida. They invited us once to a party in Tampa. He also invited some other truckers from Kentucky and some other places. So we all got together there and they were talking about trucks and how much fun they were having out there driving. That really got me into it the idea of becoming a truck driver. So I went to CDL school then started driving. I’ve been driving for about 4 and a half years. So far it’s been great. I very recently bought my truck – I bought it about 8 months ago – it’s a Kenworth W900. Love it.

Thanks, Adrian!

Special thanks to Adrian for helping here today at Status Trucking Reviews. If you haven’t yet tried some of these tools, we encourage you to check them out. Stay tuned for more Status Trucking Reviews! Feel free to check out other helpful info on our site such as these trucking safety pointers.

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