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This is the Status Transportation Reviews Home Page. Written and video reviews of Status Transportation are posted here so owner operators consider us will have a chance to learn more about the company and how well it serves the needs of our partners. The opportunity to “see before you sign” is an example of the transparency we believe is healthy for all. Take time to explore Status Transportation Reviews and if you like what you see, contact us and join the team!

Reviews of Status Transportation, Winter Garden, FL

Rating of Average of 4.16

I highly recommend Status to anyone looking to lease their truck to a great company. They have a family atmosphere, very organized and professional.
The dispatchers I have been working with do everything in their hands to route you to where you want to go and always do their best to get you the highest paying loads.


In the last 6 years I have been driving for a few companies but Status Transportation exceeds my expectations. Settlements are very easy to understand compared to some settlements I've had in the past at other places. My dispatcher and I are a team and have a great relationship as dispatcher and driver go. This is the best place I've ever been, I am really happy here.


I have been working for Status Transportation for over 4 years now and it has been a great experience. Everybody in the office is very helpful, they are always ready to answer all my questions. I would recommend Status to anyone looking for a good trucking company.


Can't reach anybody in the office after 5 pm.


I was one of the first drivers to come on board when they started back in 2010. I started as a driver for another guy who was leasing to Status Transportation then I started buying my own trucks. They helped me move 6 trucks in less than two years. I highly recommend them, they do what they say and I recommend them if you want to stay busy.


Status Trucking Reviews meets with Owner Operator Adrian L. to discuss his favorite apps

Status Transportation reviews its own performance on a consistent basis.Status Trucking Reviews offers us a chance to interact with Owner Operators and find out some of the things that are working for them. Adrian is an Owner Operator here at Status Transportation. Today he gave us a nice overview of some of his favorite apps that he uses while out on the road.

Does Status Transportation pay beat the pay from booking your own loads?

Status Transportation reviews the loads and matches them to the best operator.Big corporation trucking companies use the phrases booking your own loads, setting your own routes, and scheduling your week ahead as selling points for more freedom. Advertisements like these sound and look great. Does it mean more money for you versus Status Transportation pay as an owner operator?

This has been a good company. I am really satisfied with Status Transportation.

Status was my best fit when I was looking for a company to get loads for me after I checked out a couple of places.

Rate Per Mile vs Gross Income

Status Transportation reviews inspire new owner operators to lease on.

Now that you made the leap and became an owner operator you need to broaden your perspective and adopt a strategy that will help you to maximize your revenue, and gross income is that strategy.

Anybody can pick and find bad things about a good company but these guys are pretty good.

Status Transportation is a very good company, they make sure to keep you running.  I recommend it!